Kerri Van Kirk Human Design expert who helps writers & creatives maximize their unique energy patterns to serve their careers, artistry & life.

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Kerri Van Kirk is a multi-disciplinary coach, healer and human design guide who works with writers, creatives and business owners. In this summit, she is focusing on the fun + excitement you can find around writing when you know YOUR unique energy patterns. Human Design helps you put words and images to how YOU are innately wired, allowing you to have more fun + flow in your writing as you trust your own process at a deeper level.

Join her session to learn how to read your own Human Design chart and pull out helpful pieces that will connect you to your unique strengths as a writer and unlock even more ease and enjoyment in your personal writing flow.

A writer herself, Kerri has done quite a bit of ghostwriting (both books and copywriting) for female teachers, coaches and leaders as well as her own personal nonfiction, poems and songs.

She spent over a decade in NYC and now lives in midcoast Maine with her husband in the most adorable + tiny village you've (probably) never seen.

She's also the founder of Wheel Work, a healing modality that addresses longstanding patterns in career, love and health that have been going on for 7 years or more and you haven't been able to resolve on your own or with other coaches or therapists.

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Using Human Design to Find More Writing Flow

26 March 2024, 10:00 PM
Kerri Van Kirk