H. R. D'Costa

Story Structure + Stakes Expert from Scribe Meets World, scribemeetsworld.com Author of Sizzling Story Outlines (Voted #1 Plotting Tool)

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A graduate of Brown University, H. R. D’Costa almost became a lawyer—twice—because it seemed easier and less scary than doing what she really wanted: to be a writer.

However, once she committed to her writing dream, she started to apply the same analytical mind (that had gotten her into law school x2) to the art of storytelling.

In essence, she went on a multi-year quest where she analyzed 100s of movies, screenplays, and novels in order to understand what it takes to writing a gripping story.

Now, she’s on a mission to create mindset and plotting resources that will enable novelists and screenwriters to hold fast to their writing dreams…even when life tells them to let go.

Resources such as: the Ultimate Story Structure Worksheet (download over 37,000 times by writers from around the world); deep-dive writing guides like Story Stakes (“a must-have in your top 10 books on writing” ~ Amazon reviewer); and her online course Smarter Story Structure (which “can take a WIP up a level or two” ~ historical-fiction author Rupert Colley).

To learn more about these resources—designed to help you hold fast to your writing dream—she invites you to visit her website scribemeetsworld.com


“Your books were the key for me to finish my drafts. I’m a beginner, but you made me feel capable of writing the stories I want to share, with confidence. I don’t have enough words to thank you! You are one of the reasons for me to reach my dream.”

~ C. J. LAMB, urban-fantasy author from Brazil

“These are some of the best books I’ve read about writing. I wish I found them before! My plotting process is no longer scattered, I don’t cycle back and forth because I forgot something or things don’t work.”

~ ANNA FLAKK, author of the urban-fantasy novel A Wicked Chance

“You have an incredible gift for teaching craft.”

~ SHARON WRAY, author of the bestselling Deadly Force romantic-suspense series

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From Dream to Draft: 3 Must-Haves You Need to Write Your Book

24 March 2024, 10:00 PM
H. R. D'Costa