Cindy Cisneros

Creatively, LLC Ready to supercharge your writing game? Join me for an exhilarating journey into the realm of positive psychology and its transformative impact on your daily writing rituals! In this lively and enlightening session, we'll unveil the secrets to unlocking your full writing potential.

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I grew up with many rules and expectations that smothered my authenticity and left me feeling profoundly unhappy. Blind to my own creative personality, I sought support from the mental health system, which ultimately also failed me. I was never seen for the creative person I was! Later, in Graduate School, I wrote a thesis on the relationship between mental health and creativity. I was awakened through research to commonalities creative personalities shared: their strength, power, need to make meaning and live authentically. I also found the more creative people were, the more they needed to create to be well. These became foundational to my work.

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Strengths Focused Daily Writing Practice with Positive Psychology

26 March 2024, 02:05 AM
Cindy Cisneros