Amy Bonsall

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Amy Bonsall is a designer and coach, reinventing how we navigate hard decisions. In one of those ahh “this is where it’s all been leading” moments in life, she built her business by drawing on everything she’d learned over her life and career: how to design delightful experiences, what mindfulness practice teaches us about navigating liminality, how somatics (the practice of listening to the body) can ground us, how to date well (yes, it fits!), and what it feels like to make big moves (of all kinds, geographical, career, and relationship). She's weaved all this into popular programs about navigating hard decisions. A core tenet of these programs is experimentation: starting from a place of stuckness and creating small, fun, easy steps out of it. Before starting her business, Amy was an executive at IDEO (a world-renowned design and innovation firm) and at Old Navy. She's a frequent speaker and writer and, after living overseas for many years, recently began living a "snowbird" life between Maine and Florida. Ask her about all the experiments she undertook to gain confidence in that decision or about life in a snowbird paradise, complete with pickleball… and bingo!

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Three ways designers get creatively unstuck



Build a Writing Life You Can Belong To (live workshop)

26 March 2024, 01:00 PM
Amy Bonsall